At present, we are operating under lockdown conditions and the type of meetings that are referred to below cannot take place. They are replaced by Zoom meetings- many of which are run by other U3A chapters and we are able to participate. We also have a weekly email from our secretary including a quiz, and we are developing this website to be of greater value to members as a source of information.

There is a monthly General Meeting which takes place at St Andrew’s Croquet Club on the second Thursday of the month. A monthly Current Affairs course also takes place there on the third Thursday of the month. Other courses take place at Berea Gardens’ venues and smaller courses are held in various homes. Some courses are closed due to their nature and limits on accommodation. There are activities involved in pastimes such as Mah jong. The current programme is attached. Sign up for courses takes place in November each year, but newcomers may join open courses at any time.


The annual fee is R50 and that is payable whenever in the financial year to June that the person joins. A fee of R5 is payable at each meeting. Visitors may attend two meetings at a cost of R10 per meeting, but then are expected to join.


At this time of lockdown, anyone wishing to join may contact Clare Fowle Membership Secretary Tel 043 748 2214, Cell 083 662 0557 or Gill Ansell General Secretary Tel 043 735 2444 Cell 083 651 7892

U3A Zoom Programme – 2-27 November

Monday Presentation Tuesday Presentation Wednesday Presentation Thursday Presentation Friday Presentation
16/11 10h00



Overberg Land registration and land reform in South Africa – Gustav Radloff (Attorney) See Zoom link below

C.T. Armchair Travel – Elmara Willis: Alaska

C.T. Political Discussion

C.T. TED Circles –
19/11 10h00


C.T. Better Hearing – Francis Slabber: Hearing and the Brain

C.T. History – Prof W R Nasson: Reflections on the life of A.G. “Sailor” Malan 1910- 1963
20/11 10h00

Overberg Anti-Submarine Warfare during WWII – Adm Johan Retief See Zoom link below.

C.T. Approaching Death – Jenni Sharkey
23/11 10h00


Overberg The exceptional alluvial (secondary) diamond deposits of the Vaal and Orange Rivers – Lyndon DeMeillon See Zoom link below.

C.T. Environ – Silje Bentsen – University of Bergen: Fire and its role in human evolution (

C.T. Conscious Ageing post Covid19
24/11 10h00 C.T. Literature Study 25/11 10h00 C.T. Prejudice & Discrimination – Leonard Suransky 26/11 10h00 C.T. Virtual Baxter Meeting - Zapiro – Jonathan Shapiro: Careful this pen is loaded Link to be advised 27/11 10h00 Overberg Hermanus Personalities: Nicholas Monserrat – Dr Robin Lee
E.L. Writing Group – Nancy Tietz

For Log-In details, please see the East London weekly newsletter or contact
Where email addresses are given above, contact them direct.

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