The national U3A website has some useful information about benefits and contact addresses for senior citizens (see the “Concessions” page), and we are aware that a few of the U3A branches have also pursued this angle.

Accordingly, we below include a list of traders in East London that offer facilities to senior citizens.

Trader Day *Discount Requirements
Builders Express Wed 10%
Burmeisters Any 5%+
Beacon Bay Retail park Wednesday usually See a) below
Dot Com Café (Com Office, Berea)
(meals and beverages)
Any 10%
Floradale Nurseries Tues 10%
Fruit and Veg city Tues 5%
Game Wed 10% Card
Gonubie Spar Mon-Thurs 5% on non-discounted items Card
Guidos, Vincent Mon varies
Nahoon Superspar Mon/Wed 5%
OK Foods Beacon Bay Any 5% Card
Retreat Skin and Body Care Tues 10% See b) below
Southernwood Spar Mon 6% Alternative: Coffee and something sweet
Vincent Superspar Mon 6% Card. Free coffee and something sweet
Vincent Hardware Any 5-10%

a) Beacon Bay Retail Park (applicable Wednesdays):

  1. Register at the Centre Office on the last Wednesday of a month (near Clicks and Bata).
  2. They will issue a card.
  3. On the last Wednesday of a month, visit this office and they will issue coffee vouchers for the venues below.
  4. You will be able to enjoy a free cappuccino at Wimpy, McDonalds, Spur or Bella any weekday. Also, certain shops, as detailed by the Central Office, will give 10% discount on Wednesdays.

b) Retreat Skin and Body Care is operated by Sandra Epstein’s daughter, Candice Kay and is situated at 9 Pearl Rd Abbotsford. Ring 083 572 4887 for full details.

c) A tip for you knitters from Pam Hobson: The website has free patterns which are easily downloaded. It is slightly confusing as there is a shopping cart and R0.00 displayed, however in the FAQ's section there is an excellent short video on how to download multiple patterns.

If you are aware of other traders who offers such a discount on a formal basis, could you send an e mail to our treasurer, John Stoddard at, phone 043 727 0648, cell 082 466 7095 with as much detail of the scheme as is relevant (as above), and we will add to the above list? If there are changes or corrections to the above list, please also let John know. Further, if you know of an existing list that is available to senior citizens locally, could you also provide details to John?