U3A East London Newsletter

From earliest days, books have held an irresistible attraction for me.

How excited my family and friends were when the new (brand-new!) Vincent Library opened in 1950-something at Foster’s Corner. (Devereaux/Frere) All the books in the Library were new (imagine that!) and smelled so good. Don’t you just love the smell of new things? – the upholstery in a new car, new carpeting in your home...

My family of bookworms quite naturally jumped in boots first at the opportunity we in Vincent were being offered. What adventures we had, cuddling up with a book for hours on end!

So, .... when I joined U3A in 2012, and saw there was a Book Club, I couldn’t wait to join. After 4 years a vacancy became available, and I wrote down my name at the rate of knots in the only space on the Book Club list at the Sign-Up.

I have not been disappointed! The Book Club, led by Ann King, are a really great group of people from whom I am constantly learning, and I can’t wait for each month’s meeting! Thanks, Ann, and all of you, for your contrbutions, in books, reviews and discussion. You are much appreciated!

newletter - october

MEMBERSHIP: Margaret Baxter 043-721-2130

Margaret tells me that since July this year we have 11 new members. Great stuff! She also tells me that there are a number of established members who have not yet paid their dues for 2017/2018. Please will you rectify this with her? Many thanks. (Cut off date Sign Up 16 Nov.)

Birthdays: Happy birthday to each one of you, and may your new year bring many blessings.

October: 1 Shirley Baxter; 5 Enno Boeke; 7 Vera McMillan; 8 Gillian Zwicky; 10 Anne Cooke and Dee Kaps; 11 Kelvin Shelver; 12 Marina Marchetti; 14 John Pearson and Evelyn Stoddard; 15 Lynn Kraemer; 17 Jimmy Calder; 18 Lynette Beal; 19 Jim Tannock; 23 Wendy Lake; 24 Barbara Gagner and Ingrid Gorham; 25 Engelise Hartman; 26 Penny Tyson; 30 Eileen Hollander.

November: 8 Keith Marshall; 9 Hettie Harry; 12 Blyth van Niekerk; 14 Norma Norden; 15 Robin Fyfe; 16 Joan Barrow; 17 Joey Lloyd; 19 Alison Horsfall; 20 Shirley Ellis; 21 Shirley Martin; 22 Louis Laubscher; 27 Tricia Weaver.

December: 3 Brian Potgieter; 6 Annette Ludick; 7 Ronni Stunden; 10 Alan Brent;14 Rosalie Weier; 16 Coralie Durrheim; 21 Barbara Monfoort; 24 Jessica Amodia; 25 Sheila Caswell; 26 Desiree Schultze; 27 Denise Weldon; 29 Meg Clark; 30 Bruce Gardiner; 31 Heather Brownlee

January: 3 Denise Fielding; 5 Margaret Wood;6 Kay Poonsamy; 11 Barbara Vos; 13 Pat Stent and Sandra Sterling; 15 Goria Etcheurry; 16 June Evans; 21 Merileen Marsberg and Anne Schmidt; 23 Edward Foster; 24 Colin Raasch; 25 Pixie Martin and Elizabeth Weare; 29 Sally Fletcher and Petrina Sierra.


Courses are running well. Some course leaders have sent in snippets of information, as follows:

Nita Laing sends greetings from Thailand. Well done, Nita and the Drama group for a lively and original show that took place at the AGM in August !

Walks Around East London The August walk was an interesting winding route at Nahoon Beach with Shirley Baxter. The effects of the storm surge on the beach and sanddunes were very much in evidence. The September walk was at the Edley Symons area by the Quenera river. On October 23 please meet by 08.30 at the Bonza Bay parking lot at the beach for a walk in that area.

Pam Hobson and her Computer Club members are meeting in the Blue Lounge and covering a variety of topics

The Garden Club has been hard at work making a new garden for Breath of Life. Well done to those who participated in this project!

Desert Island Discs is most enjoyable and really does the soul good. What a variety of music we are enjoying.

John’s Armchair Travel is wonderful as it brings parts of the world closer. On the 2nd of October, Ann King and Toni Tonin will be taking us to Crete and other parts of the Med. On the 6th November, Rob Stone will be with us again and will be continuing his journey in Turkey and taking us to some of the ancient religious sites there.

Cooking, Mahjong, Poetry are all going strong, and Singing and Music Appreciation are really enjoyable.

Book Club and the JSE are fun and informative.

The Film Club continues to entertain us.

Best wishes

Jenny Alcock and Barry Chapman

Course Co-ordinators.

EXTRA - read all about it !! There will be an extra Armchair Travel experience on 4 December, in the form of the Anley’s very recent trip to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

And... our own John Stoddard will have shared “Secrets of Bletchley Park” with the Plettenberg Bay U3A group at Formosa Village by the time you read this newsletter .Well done, John! I feel sure that they will have enjoyed it as much as we did.


12 October General Meeting: Helen Kruuse, speaking on African Marriage Customs

19 October Current Affairs : A general discussion on affairs of the moment.

9 November General Meeting : Carol Keep will give an amusing talk based on Shakespeare.

16 November Sign- Up. At St Andrews (The time when course leaders will be around to explain the 2018 courses on oiffer and members may sign up for them)
This will be followed by an End of Year Lunch at the same venue. This will be three course meal at a cost of R50 per person

And now, something from Pam Hobson:

I discovered something yesterday which I think will interest all U3A members who knit or crochet. Having just finished a jersey for one grandchild I wanted to start another knitting project but could not find a suitable pattern at 2 local wool shops.

I tried "Pinterest" which is often misleading and the "free" downloads are sometimes not free. I came across "elle" which is a well-known make of wool with local connections (the photographer Jean Paul Veaudry and EL models).

The website www.elleyarns.com has free patterns which are easily downloaded. It is slightly confusing as there is a shopping cart and R0.00 displayed, however in the FAQ's section there is an excellent short video on how to download multiple patterns.

As this is the last newsletter for 2017, may we as your committee wish each one of you who will be celebrating Christmas, a blessed time with family and/or friends.

To all of you, may 2018 bring forth a year of many blessings.

Kind regards

Marion Victor and the Newsletter Team.

He did not send technical assistance to our backward world;
Gabriel and a company of experts, with their know-how;
Instead, He came Himself...
He hungered in the wilderness;
He was stripped naked on a cross,
But hungering with us
He became our Bread,
And suffering for us He became our Joy.