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newsletter - june

How good it was, on Thursday, 19 April, to hear from the lips of Dr Rolene Wagner, the CEO of the Frere Hospital, - a dynamo personified, - what she has been doing at the Frere over the past 5-6 years to turn a bad situation around into a world-class hospital. She truly is one of God’s blessings to the people of East London, alongside Les Holbrook and his team, and others.

As our Vice-Chairperson, Barry Chapman, said....WOW!

For those of you who missed her talk (you missed out bigtime!) a few points:

Her philosophy is to attract, develop, engage and inspire, and she certainly inspired us. She has inspired her staff, from Mr Pakadi, who moved from level 2 to level 5 in his particular sphere, and which usually takes twenty years to achieve, to Mr Taponisi, the chap who fixes wheelchairs, and has thought ahead to produce his own maintenance booklets for the patients, to a man from the Western Cape who had snapped his neck in a Supertube accident and spent 283 days at the hospital and was given a birthday party by the Frere staff as he had no family around on that day,, - this lady is one BIG inspiration! Her task has been no easy one, with 1200 patients being seen every day, taxi strikes affecting the workers at the Frere, and the matter of a huge backlog in laundry being overcome (water problems).
What a woman!

newsletter - june

Still on the subject of inspiration, Nancy Tietz’s Creative Writing group are about to publish their third book of “Tales of All Kinds. Well done, Nancy and Co!

And still on the subject of inspiration is Carol Keep’s Singing Group, who have been singing to the folk at Fairlands and Stirling Lodge. I was asked to join in with the Group at Stirling Lodge that day, and even though I unfortunately couldn’t sing with to the end, their music was a tonic! Well done, Ladies and Gentleman!


MEMBERSHIP: Margaret Baxter 043-721-2130

Our membership now stands at 195 members.

Birthdays: May each of you have a lovely birthday, with more to come.

June: 2 Pearl Cox; 4 Pat Eloff and Golda Hundermark; 12 Hazel James; 14 Annegret Mostert and Laureen Falkenberg; 15 Sandra Epstein, Esme Hall and Ella Heathcote; 18 June Lucas; 19 Christine de Greef; 23 Ralph Anley; 25 Helen Tarr; 28 Noreen Ziemann; 29 Gill Ansell
July: 3 Joan Bosch; 7 Margaret Baxter; 8 Brian Philip; 9 Elaine Bourbon; 12 Tony Tonin; 15 Jenny Evans; 18 June Cherry; 21 Ruth Volpe; 25 Basil Wingreen; 26 Jenny Alcock; 28 Biddy Braithwaite

14th June General Meeting9.30amJilly Gooud : Her work on the BBC
21st JuneCurrent Affairs10.00am Arran Bryceland : Cryptocurrency〃
12th July General Meeting9.30amGeorge Mountjoy : The Early Beginnings of East London
19th JulyCurrent Affairs10am Ian Galbraith : Adventure-based Learning

COURSE NEWS: Jenny Alcock 043-738-5090 and Barry Chapman 043-735-247

There are a few changes,such as Barry Gibb's Art course which has sadly ended after this recent session.

Nita Laing is introducing Xhosa speaking lessons from July ,in the place of Drama! This is wonderful news as we should all try to make an effort to learn some of this language. Notwithstanding what was stated in the course programme, this course will be held in the afternoon the fourth Friday of the month, commencing on the 27th July. The course will run weekly for three months. Time and venue will be announced later.

Community Singing has been so much fun ! The group has visited Fairlands Retirement home and Stirling Lodge where we all enjoyed a Sing A Long ! Please consider joining our group at 'The Valley' at 10 am on the 3rd Wednesday of a month.

Desert Island Discs continues successfully under the guidance of Dave Donkin. We experience a variety of choice of songs .Some cause tears ,some laughter........ a lot of nostalgia. John Stoddard puts the choices together and assists one in actually 'finding' the music.

The Film Club is ever popular . We pray for good health for Tony .

Jenny and Barry.

Carol Keepand her Singing Group

And finally, - I recently had the privilege of reading Golda Hundermark’s book about Queen Elizabeth 2 - “A servant (the Queen) for her King” (the Lord Jesus). It was published in 2016, when she turned 90, and noted that 1) she is the longest reigning British monarch and 2) at that age she was still working more than 40 hours a week. !!! She made a promise, here in East London, on her 21st birthday, that, whether her life be long or short, she would serve her people, and she has been true to that promise, all glory to God.

If that is not inspiring, then I don’t know what is.


Marion Victor and the Newsletter Team