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U3A East London Newsletter


We are in the period between Christmas and Easter or Passover. The phrase “Live in the moment” is difficult to follow as the moments accumulate so quickly! However perhaps we can try to savour some of the precious moments more often and live more for today.

Paul instructs one to “forget the past ‘’ and reach out to the future. A quotation from Maud Muller goes: “For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: “it might have been”. Regrets and feelings of guilt, are a waste of time, Make the most of time and make each new moment count.


Membership has remained stable, with one new member joining. Welcome to Clare Fowle! .

Our condolences to the family of Gwen Edwards and Marion Whiting who passed away recently.


APRIL: Marcia Scholes 04, Donese Jenkins 07, Jennifer Golloway 07, Ruth Strunck 14, Thelma Jameson 16, David Salzwedel 18, Dave Donkin 19, Pam Hobson 23, Annette Koekemoer 21, Rose Thompson 30

MAY: Alvan Mandy 03, Barry Chapman 07, Sheila Sanderson 08, Sheila Slinger 10, Denis Ansell 17, Annelies Boeke 17, Estelle King 18, Hamish Forrest 24, Laura Maynard 28, Val Viljoen 29, Christine Walter 29

Good Birthday wishes with happiness and contentment in your new year!


The speakers for April and May are:

1 April William Martinson: “BRIDGES ON THE RIVER KEI”


09 May; Annelies Burgess: “HEISTS”

16 May; Gavin Fernie: ”DROP ME A LINE” talk on postcards.

Thank you Barry.

The Talk on NAVIGATION, presented recently by Dave Rankin, was well received and presented professionally. There are so many facets to Navigation from the early years of sailing onwards. Barry has some more interesting talks lined up for the future meetings!


We start off with Dave Donkin’s “DESERT ISLAND DISCS” [there was a very good gathering on Wednesday 13 March}

Dave writes:” A happy morning was spent with Bruce Gardiner on Wednesday the 13th March when he presented his selection of discs that he would like to have on his desert island!

He assumed quite rightly, that there would be no electricity on the island [or load shedding!] so he brought along two vintage wind up gramophones on which to play his 78 rpm records,

Among the highlights were “SERENADE” sung by Richard Crooks [Student Prince], “DEEP RIVER” by the contralto Marion Anderson, OLD MAN RIVER and “Nico se vastrap! Bing Crosbie “NOW YOU HAS JAZZ” and “THE ALLIGATOR CRAWL” played by Fats Waller.

Bruce played this, also at high speed on the OAKROOM piano!

Finally Gracie Fields ended the pleasant morning with “WISH ME LUCK”

We trust that Bruce will join us again with another set of Desert Island Discs.

ART IN THE 60’s by Barry Gibb was well presented on Wednesday the 13 of March.

He shared amusing anecdotes about the development of music from the fifties style to Elvis and Pat Boone and other sixties artists. There was a complete swing away from “bland” music to hip rocking, Gyrating artists who attracted the teens and older Plus caused the wrath of certain pastors at this “Sinful’ display! West side story was discussed with visuals. The political side seems to go hand in hand with the cultural changes of the times. .Barry has TWO more sessions, on Wednesday the 27 of March and on Wednesday the 03 of April.

John Stoddard’s ARMCHAIR TRAVEL started the year in February with an outstanding talk by Nancy Tietz about Mexico, and March with an interesting and moving talk by Joan Barrow about her visit late last year to Antwerp and then to Ypres, just after the 100 year commemorations of the end of World War One. In April, Helen Batting will be taking us to the Palace of the People in Bucharest (Romania). This is the second biggest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. There will be no talk in May, but already destinations have been booked for June and July


Carol Keep:

We sing with gusto at Carol’s enjoyable COMMUNITY SINGING morning! I look forward to this hour, each month! Carol includes nostalgic songs, happy ones and songs from the war years.

The other courses are moving along successfully and enjoyably. More about each one in the next newsletter!

A reminder that the FULL COURSE PROGRAMME is on the last page of the newsletter listing LEADERS, TIME and VENUE.

FEES - A reminder that the fees for this year are due from the 01 JULY 2019! PLEASE start recruiting members as potential COMMITTEE MEMBERS. URGENT [for end of August] ***********

Oh! The tragedy and loss of precious lives of the Ethiopian Boeing. May they soon discover the cause of this horrific accident…….plus the senseless attacks elsewhere in our world, knives, bombs, guns………

To end this letter on a lighter note…. .after Leo’s free roaming, he experienced prison life in a hostile police cell in Sutherland, the place of extreme temperatures! He is now where he belongs in the Karoo Park and the people of Sutherland and surrounds, are breathing easily.

As we enter the season of Autumn, may the leaves come softly tumbling down and the gardens reflect a new season of colour,

Jen Alcock and the Newsletter team.

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