U3A East London Newsletter


How fortunate we are to live in or around East London without threats of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and other ‘natural disasters’! Our most problematic ‘disaster’ would be all the litter crying to be collected and ‘pot holes ‘ waiting for a disaster to happen!

We have the sea to enjoy ,mountains not too far away and resorts and hamlets close by ………’a little piece of Paradise’.


Please remember the R.50.00 subs which were due in August. PLEASE pay your subs soon. Thank you .There are 104 paid up members at present. Do try to introduce new visitors as prospective members please .Thanks. Please remember our ill members. June Lucas and Esme Hall, among others. They would appreciate a visit at Kennersley Park. They are in the Frail Care section.


Sadly, Matt Ettinger passed away in September. We extend our sympathy to his wife, Ellen, and family.


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to:

OCTOBER: Shirley Baxter 01,Enno Boeke 05,Vera McMillan 07, Gillian Zwicky 08, Sandy Wilson 09, Anne Cooke 10, Dee Kaps 10, Kelvin Shelver 11,Helena Archer 12, John Pearson 14,Evelyn Stoddard 14, Lynn Kraemer 15, Jimmy Calder 17, Lynette Beal 18,Wendy Lake 23, Barbara Gaoner 24, Engelise Hartmann 25, Penny Tyson 26, Eileen Hollander 30. On October the 11th, a member, Ola, turns 95! Well done

NOVEMBER: Keith Marshall 08, Jane Potgieter 11, Blyth Van Niekerk 12, Robin Fyfe 15. Joan Barrow 16, Joey Lloyd 17, Alison Horsfall 19, Shirley Ellis 20, Louis Laubscher 22,

DECEMBER: Brian Potgieter 03, Annette Ludick 06, Ronni Stunden 07, Alan Brent 10, Rosalie Weyer 14, Desiree Schultze 26, Denise Weldon 27, Meg Clark 29, Heather Brownlee 31.

JANUARY: Denise Fielding 03, Mandy Ray 04, Margaret Wood 05, Alison Schultz 05, Kay Poonsomy 06, Barbara Vos 11, Gloria Etcheverry 15, June Evans 16, Mel Marsberg 21, Anne Schmidt 21, Ed Foster 23, Colin Raasch 24, Elizabeth Weare 25, Pixie Maartin 25,Sierra Petrina 29 , Sally Fletcher 29.


The speakers have been “top class’. The talk on ‘drones’ was most informative and proved a real ‘learning curve for most of us! Very well presented. Today the talk on Crypto Currency, was apparently both interesting and well presented!

There are some wonderful talks to be held in the coming months.

On the 11 October, Phil Whittington ,an ORNITHOLOGIST from the East London museum ,will be speaking on his trip to ANTARTICA. Then on the 18 of October, Denis Jenkins will speak on the early TRAMS of East London. Paul Hoffman ,who has presented a talk here before, will speak on LAND ISSUES and RESTITUTION at the GENERAL MEETING on 08 November,followed by Lloy Brent and Bruce Gardner on the piano at the last Current Affairs meeting of the year ,on the 15 of November.Remember that all meetings at St. Andrews, begin at 09.30 am sharp !


This event was most successful and enjoyable! The Community Singers entertained with some nostalgic songs, also a blend of humorous ones. Eddie and George Mountjoy rendered ‘Side by side’. We had a good laugh. Eddie’s solo was enjoyed by all as well as the duet sung by Loreen and Eddie. Carol Keep kept us in peals of laughter with her jokes! Thanks to her for all her dedicated preparation for our singing dates.

The new committee was announced and we bade farewell to John Stoddard, Sandra Sterling and Marion Victor. We welcomed the new treasurer Sheila Godfrey.

There was such a good selection and quantity of food to enjoy when the formalities were over. Thank you to all.


Thank you Course Leaders for your dedication and leadership of your particular course
Thank you to the following leaders who gave feedback.

Nita Laing “We have a group of 15 to 17 hardworking and disciplined members learning isiXhosa. The group is making good progress and we hope that in our small way, we are improving communication and understanding of isiXhosa.*

John Pearson. The JSE.*” We highlight latest listed company news which may affect our pension funds and need to ask our Financial advisor about, currency movements and any recent political statements that confuse us, the idea being that all present at the meeting can comment on.

In October we look at RSA RETAIL BONDS versus MONEY MARKET -A COMPANY that PRODUCES COMMERCIAL DRONES as an investment and further our understanding on CRYPTO CURRENCY following our current affairs talk. See you in the INDABA room at THE VALLEY every FIRST THURSDAY of the month at 10 am. Next meeting on the 04 October “


“We have had a variety of classical music this year on CD and DVD. On DVD the year commenced with the Vienna New Year’s concert, and then a look at the places Bacl frequented in Germany. Thank you to Joan Barrow for the loan of the former DVD and to John Stoddard and Toni Tonin for their technical assistance. New members are welcome to attend on the third Tuesday of every month at 10am in the Oak room at Parklands.”


The enthusiastic group of singers have enjoyed a fairly extensive outreach programme, singing at Fairlands, Stirling lodge, and Eldorado. We are now preparing some Scottish songs

For a possible engagement in the New Year. New voices are really needed and you don’t have to have an operatic voice! Join us on the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am in the indaba Room at The Valley.


‘As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018, I continue to be amazed by the range of choices made by our Desert Islanders at the eight gatherings that we have enjoyed so far this year. This September Arnold Alcock presented us his easy – listening selection of mainly tenor voices. In October Jilly Gooud will let us listen to her choices. Apart from her years in the BBC, Jilly is a lady with a very wide experience of music of many genres. We look forward to her presentation!

Then in November Noreen Burton is our “Desert Islander’ Noreen is an educationist, a consultant in Maths and Science and a lover of Music and books plus a singer! The desert Island will remain uninhabited during December but Sandra Sterling will let us hear the selection of music she will take with her to the Desert Island on 09 January 2019!

In conclusion, here is a quote to share:

“The priceless gift of a new day .Don’t rewind the clock and live in the past, or press fast -forward and live in the future. This is YOUR day to choose to be alive. Choose to live it well” “Make the best of every new day “

Kind thoughts

Jenny Alcock and the Newsletter team