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Prime Times

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Titles of the 9 talks

  1. The right (late) life partner for the rest of your life
  2. Adjustments to changing events in your life
  3. The preservation of your health
  4. Psychological problems such as depression, which may taunt you, especially while you are growing older.
  5. The dangers of falling into a debt trap and how to run a family budget to prevent it
  6. Choosing a suitable place to live
  7. Your safety and security
  8. The risks of lending money (or signing surety) for family and friends
  9. How to apply your free time sensibly.

Introduction and Background

Johannes Jordaan MSc, is the author and presenter of 9 Radio Talks (summaries below). He also wrote the book PRIME TIME – Enjoy your life after 50. He is now semi-retired, but during his heyday he was an experienced retirement-, lifestyle-, estate- and financial planner. He shares his knowledge and experience in the book. He lives in the Strand, Western Cape and currently spends his time writing about various aspects of retirement and ageing.
He believes that it is never too late to plan and to make adjustments that would improve people’s Health, Wealth and Happiness.

He provides useful information, and education to people about retirement- and lifestyle planning and how to side-step pitfalls. This helps people to live a preventative lifestyle and to plan timeously for, as well as during their Prime Time period (i.e. their retirement). To keep perceptions positive, he refers to retirement as people’s Prime Time (rather than a “waiting room for death”).

Summaries of his 9 Radio talks:

1. The right life partner for the rest of your life

Your choice of a ‘significant other’ with whom you are going to share your life (be it a first marriage or subsequent marriage) is probably the most important decision you can ever make. It affects your life in a most profound way – positively or possibly negatively. But it is not only important that you choose the right partner; you should also be the right partner.

Knowing before you marry that you will be compatible is critical, and even if it means living together for a few years. The statistics are gloomy: 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and late-life marriages are even more doomed – 60% of these fail. To share your life with the wrong partner could be worse than being lonely.

You should carefully consider and discuss potential issues that may come in the way of a harmonious relationship. A conflict of, or a competition of personalities (egos) can easily bring disharmony to a marriage, as can children from a previous marriage. Children need to be made aware that you also deserve a happy Prime Time phase with a partner, although there must be a settling-in period – you have probably been alone for a while if you have lost a spouse, or been divorced, and children have got used to having their parent to themselves, They therefore need to be reassured of the parents’ ongoing love for them.

Guilt feelings can often occur when a much-loved spouse has died – you and your late partner probably had a wonderful life together and you feel as though you are betraying the memory of that person by striking up a new relationship. You are not! Any spouse who has loved you and who has died would only want your happiness, including your finding a new spouse.

Where do you find a suitable life partner?
Socialising as much as possible increases your chances of meeting the right person. Joining clubs or groups where your interests lie is an excellent way of meeting and interacting with similar-minded folk.

There are also dating clubs on the Internet where you can post your profile so others can make contact. Such sites have been developed and honed carefully, and there are many to choose from. But there are also pitfalls – Beware!

The above talk by Johannes Jordaan was based on his book PRIME TIME – Enjoy your life after 50. Contact him on for info on the book plus the 2 free publications going along with it.